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Father Shoots Son Who Threatened Family with Shotgun

A disturbed man who threatened his family for hours with a shotgun was shot by his father on Monday evening of this week.

According to Sheriff Scott Mellinger, 25-year-old Hunter Holloway held his family in the home and would not let them leave, using his shotgun as a threat to keep them escaping until around 9:30 p.m.

The young man was agitated, and after the altercation began, his family members were unable to calm him down.

Then, while he was distracted, his father ran to another room in the home and retrieved a handgun. The son quickly followed and confronted his father, pointing his shotgun at the elder Holloway, who then fired one round, striking the son in the abdomen.

Deputies and officers from multiple agencies in the area responded to the call in the 300 block of East County Rd. 1000 South. They rendered first aid to the son until medics arrived to transport him to St. Vincent Anderson hospital, where he was then airlifted to St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis.

Holloway was listed in critical condition, but is expected to survive the gunshot wound given to him by his father. Sheriff Mellinger says the shooting is still under investigation and did not report any charges filed yet against anyone involved.

This kind of shooting happens more often then you may think. Part of good home defense means taking into consideration if there are any unstable people in your life that you may not want to have access to a firearm.

Taking this into account when planning your home defense strategies could help prevent you from needing to protect yourself from a family member.

Taking the appropriate steps to keeping your firearms locked up and out of reach of someone in your house who may not use them responsibly is absolutely essential.

Click here for gun safes to keep your weapons out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have access to them. And guard the combination carefully.

What do you think of this especially difficult form of home defense? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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