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Homeowner Shoots Through Door at Christmas Caroling Criminals

Fort Wayne, Indiana – A homeowner told police he defended his residence from home invaders posing as Christmas carolers last Thursday afternoon.

The homeowner said he heard 2 men knocking on the front door of his home while singing Christmas carols. Then armed himself when the men began kicking in the door.

The victim fired an unspecified number of shots through the door at the intruders, causing them to turn and flee the crime scene.

One neighbor, told WPTA21 he spoke with the homeowner afterwards and was told:

“They heard the doorbell ring, they heard what appeared to be pounding on the door, and then they saw the door being kicked in or attempted to be kicked in. And that’s when this individual fired his weapon into the door or the door area.”

The local ABC affiliate reports that a person showed up at a local hospital a short time after the attempted home invasion with a gunshot wound, but it is unclear at this time if it is connected with the shooting.

Police say that no one has been arrested in connection with the crime, but the investigation is still ongoing. Law enforcement officials say anyone with information about the crime can leave an anonymous tip by calling Crime Stoppers at 436-STOP or 436-7867.

Criminals employ various tactics for gaining unlawful entrance to your home including, apparently, posing as Christmas carolers. Being wary of unfamiliar people at your door during the holidays helps to prevent being caught off guard.

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