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Indiana Man Shoots Himself in the Genitals

New Hi-Point prototype introduced at Shot Show 2019

An Indiana man is in the hospital after he negligently discharged a pistol into his own genitals.

46-year-old Mark Anthony Jones was admitted to the Marion General Hospital Emergency Room where detectives spoke with him about his injuries.

According to Jones, he was out walking on a riverside trail at around 6:44 Thursday morning when his un-holstered 9mm Hi-Point began to fall out of his waistband.

The pistol fired into his groin when he grabbed for the slipping gun.

According to a Marion Police Department spokesperson:

“The bullet entered just above his penis and exited his scrotum.”

There has been no new information on Jones’ condition. However, law enforcement officials said they have forwarded the case to Grant County prosecutors who will review the case and decide whether or not to file criminal charges as Jones did not have a license to carry the weapon concealed.

This happens more then you may think. When a firearm slips, like it did for Jones, the reaction is to make a grab for the gun. A finger inadvertently enters the guard and triggers the weapon.

The best thing that can be done is to allow the weapon to fall, as most modern handguns are drop safe. Then the weapon can be simply picked up while you admonish yourself profusely.

Bad holsters or no holster at all is dangerous. A quality holster is essential, and offers more then just comfort for the armed citizen.

A quality holster:

  • Covers the trigger guard completely to prevent it from being unintentionally fired
  • Is easily concealable
  • Holds your pistol securely in place while maintaining accessibility
  • Is well constructed and planned for durability, longevity, ergonomics, and tactics
  • Fits your life style and body

Is your holster ones of the ones on the list of the 21 Top CCW Holsters? If not, you deserve a better holster.

Read here about the new Hi-Point prototype just introduced at Shot Show 2019.

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